Friday, December 31, 2010

Electrasol Tabs Money Maker!

There are two times a year where Electrasol prints out a big coupon and guess what? That coupon is this Sunday!! $2.25 off!

There are two times a year I get overly excited about coupons and it's when this coupon comes out and when there is a good deal I pounce and don't look back!

Just our luck Walgreens is having an Amazing Register Rewards deal this coming week. Check it out! Making money on buying dishwasher tablets! How could you not love it!

Finish Electrasol Tabs or Jet Dry $3.49
Get $1.50 RR
Use $2.25 Electrasol from 1/2 SS
Final Price: $.25 Moneymaker!
*Note – This is similar to the popular deal we saw last year, so make sure that you get a raincheck if your store runs out. Try to get there Sunday!

Check out some more Walgreens match ups over at Couponing for 4! Here

You better believe I'll have more pictures to post on Sunday!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year = Back to Coupons!

I'm sad to say that my stockpile is embarrassing! It is so incredibly empty I can hardly take it anymore!

So with the New Year comes More Coupons and back to getting my stockpile in order!

Hope you have a great New Year and I'll be posting again soon!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Stockpile at Work

Most of you may not know this but I started a Facebook page for my business a few months back called Serenity Hill. When I did that I got connected with Jessica over at Penny Pinching Polly! She is doing an Adopt a Family for Christmas and has been getting other boutiques to come together to make Christmas wonderful for one family this year.

I love how even when times are tight we are still able to find ways to bless others!!

Sometimes we don't think we can afford to help others but if we come together and each pitch in where we can then we can make a difference in the life of One Family at a time!!

We aren't in a position this year to donate financially or to buy gifts for others. However, I have been able to build a great stockpile of items and help in a different way this season.

All the items above I will be mailing off to a family that is struggling this year. While others were able to buy the toys and gifts that this family needs I'm able to fill the gap of other necessities that this family needs.

So whats in your Stockpile that you can bless others with?

Stockpile Swap!!

Check out this Amazing Stockpile Swap Idea that Money Saving Mom posted about last week!!

Click Here

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Right At Home Package!!!

I'm horrible about keeping track of where things came from....But I got a box from Right@Home today with these items in them!! Full size samples are always a blessing!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Struggles of living within our means

Oh the struggles and frustrations of living within our means.

We are a family of 5 and a one income military family with a child with special needs. While Coupons have greatly helped us be able to stay within our means there are still times when it is hard to stick with the plan!

The Struggles ~

It's walking thru the store and struggling with the fact that I have to carefully calculate the price of every item that is placed into my cart because my Grocery envelope only has so much Cash in it while I watch dozens of others just place anything they want to in their carts without having to figure out their running total.

It's having to pass by some things on my list and make choices on what we can do without until the next payday because there just isn't enough money in the envelope for all the items I had wanted to get.

These are the things that I personally struggle with when going to the grocery store and I'm sure some of you have felt the same way at least once before. However, we have committed to "Live within our Means"!! Which means sometimes we have to pass by the snacks, expensive steaks, frozen pizzas, and yes the Soda/Pop in order to stay within our budget. (if you know me you know how hard that one is)

Living within our Means is tough! It's been really hard at times for us and we haven't always made the right choices and we have gone without a lot over the past 6 years. However, the peace that comes with being able to pay all the bills, feed the family and have enough gas to get to work and school is overwhelming.

We don't always do things right but when we do stay within our means we find blessings coming our way left and right.

My question to you is.....

1 ~ Are you living within your means? Meaning are you spending what you make? Or are you spending more than what you make each month?

2 ~ What are three things you could cut out or cut back on to help you get to where you are within your means? ie...cable, phone, shopping trips, eating out too much....

3 ~ Better yet do you know where your money is going each month? Take one month and keep track of every expense you spend money on. You'll be shocked I'm sure!

4 ~ Do you have a long term plan to help you get to the point where you are living within your means? Sometimes it takes a while! You may not be able to do it overnight but maybe within a few months or a year....set a goal and make a plan to get you there.

The choices you make today WILL affect you down the road. Stick with it! Keep your head up! And know that you aren't the only one out there having to stretch a dollar each month! Trust me I've become more of a pro at it than I would like to admit!!

**If you are struggling financially please take a moment and check out Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. It changed our financial future 6 years ago.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stockpiling for Giving

It's November and time for Giving Thanks for what we have! We also usually take a few moments and try to bless others by giving back to those who may not have as much as we do. I like to do this throughout the year not just at Thanksgiving time!!

I feel very blessed that God has allowed me to learn how to use coupons to save my family money. I stockpile like none other I tell ya. I stock up when I can on whatever I can....given I know my family will use it.

However, there are some things I stock up on for other reasons. I stockpile for Giving! What is that you may ask.......There are items that I know my family won't use but I stock pile those items for times like this when I can donate them to those in need. Or when the neighbor mentions they are having a rough month financially I can throw together a quick couple bags of food or toiletries and be able to Bless their home as well as mine.

There is something about being able to help a friend in need that will change your life forever! And when you Give your kids see that and it impacts them in a way you will never know!

Last night I spent hours doing our budget for the second half of the month of November. We do an overall monthly budget but this month the second half of the month needed to be majorly tweaked. You know those months you have two, three, or even four unexpected expenses come up and you just aren't sure how it's all going to work out. Well all that needs to be paid is getting paid!! Grocery funds were cut in half for this two weeks....not ideal but when you look at the big picture it's ok if there isn't chips, soda and dinners out. (yes I did just say it would be OK with NO Soda!) We may not always have what we want to eat but the Hill family will have plenty of food to last until the next payday.

I tell you this because I opened up my Son's backpack this morning and found this list of items that they are collecting to donate to a local charity that is in need of re stocking their supplies. It's amazing how God works thru a paper like this. We don't have extra funds this month to purchase donations....but notice the first two items on the list of needs....Shampoo/Conditioner and Dish washing soap....My stockpile has more than enough of those items along with the Mac & Cheese and Ketchup. Most of these items I was able to get for free or close to free.

So even when our budgets might be tight and we may seem discouraged God still gives us opportunities to be Christ to someone else in our Communities.

So my question/challenge to you is "How is your Stockpile able to bless others this season?"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mail Box Check!

Free in my Mail Box today!

Perfume Sample!

It's fun to get free stuff!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Target is Not my thing....

I have tried to have good coupon trips to Target but it seems every time I try it NEVER goes as planned. When I go to other stores I have it priced to the Penny and 99% of the time when I check out the price was right on. At Target it almost never is the same and I have a ton of trouble understanding their receipts to know where the mix up is.

PLEASE....if you are new to couponing don't get discouraged if your Target trips don't go well!! I've been doing this for over a year and I still have trouble at that store.

So here is what I got today.

Clearance find!!! They had three different kinds of these at my Target in Wichita Falls, TX!
They are priced at $2.48 each and I had a coupon for $1.50 off any Olay body wash that expires this weekend. So I got them for under $1!!

My Target had these on Price Drop to $2.17 each. I had two save $1 /1 coupons from the internet and a target coupon for $1/2 making them $.67 each!! Your Target may be cheaper I've heard of some being marked under $2 each. Different Regions prices may vary.

Glad Holiday Candles.....I tried to do this deal but it didn't work for me.
They are buy 5 @ $2.99 you get a $5 Target Gift Card, I had BOGO free coupons and two other coupons that were supposed to make them between $.34 and $.50 each when I bought 10 of them.....Something didn't work right and they ended up being $1 each.....oh well I tried.

Great find of the day.....A Dog costume for Madison for $12.75!! She Loves it as you can tell!! I really hope she doesn't want to wear it to school tomorrow.

Sorry ladies I don't think I will be couponing at Target again for a long long time.... :-)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mail Box Check

Wow! Lot's of things in my mailbox this week.

- Crest Toothpaste from Vocal Point
- Sutter Home for Hope gift set
Had a wine opener, Reusable grocery bag, pins, bracelets, and some recipe cards
- Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner
- FREE Zone Perfect Bar Coupon
- Nescafe Taster's Choice samples along with a $1 off coupon
- Hearos ear Plugs sample along with 2 coupons

I love getting free stuff in the mail!! What have you received lately?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yes I broke down and went to Walmart today. I did get to go with no kids so that was a bonus!

My camera is still waiting for a new battery charger to arrive so I'm sorry I don't have any pictures. This would have been an awesome one to see!!

Here is what I got:

1 - 24 ct ~ Advil ~ $3.48 - ($3.48 c) = FREE
used a coupon I received in the mail for a free bottle that I had applied for a few weeks ago.

5 - 11oz ~ Gain Dish Soap $.97 each - (1.00 c) = ($.03) Money Maker!!!
used $1/1 coupon from the 10/10 PG

2 - boxes ~ Instant Quaker Oatmeal (individual packets) $2.66 - ($2.00 c) = $.66 each
used $2.00 coupon printed from Here
May be cheaper at the Commissary but I was already at Walmart and I didn't think $.66
was a bad price. One of those is it worth your Gas to go to the other store kind of buys.

4 - 24oz ~ Propel $1.00 - (BOGO) = $.50 each
used a Buy One Get One Free coupon I printed online about a week ago

2 - Tick Tac's - $.94 - ($1.00 c) = ($.06) Money Maker!!
used a $1/1 coupon I printed off the internet last month
(These are a good stocking stuffer!!)

Here is the Candy Finds I was able to score.

Skittles Fun Sizes 2/$4 - had $1 off 2 Coupon printed off internet so final Price $1.50 each bag

Starburst Fun Sizes 2/$4 - had $1 off 2 Coupon printed off internet so final Price $1.50 each bag

Funsize Twix, Snickers, M&M's, 2 Musketeers - 2/$5 - had $1.50 off 3 coupon from the paper....I'm sorry I can't remember which one they came in. Final Price $2.00 each bag!!

Total Shopping trip:
Cost : $49.03
Coupons : $22.48
Spent : $26.55 46% Savings!!

And to think I got all our Halloween Candy, and all those other items all for $26.55!! Not bad!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mail Box Check

I Love getting FREE stuff in the mail!

I like to hang onto the Laundry soap samples for when we travel. Since I make my own laundry soap for at home it's easier to transport the travel sizes.

They are also nice for gift baskets and donations for those in need.

Or for when a friend posts "I ran out of Laundry Soap and it's three days to pay day" on their Facebook Status!!

You'd be surprised how much you can bless other with some of the item's you get for FREE!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Commissary 10-6

Huge Savings trip at the Commissary today!! Had to take two pictures!

Cost $109.46
Coupon Savings $42.00
Paid $67.46
38% Savings

I purchased 53 items if you average it out I paid about $1.27 per item. Not bad! Because of the way the receipt is I'm not going to match up what each item cost. Usually I write it down as I put it into my cart but I forgot to do that this time and at the Commissary it doesn't say what coupon is what on the receipt.

The Frozen Fish was the most expensive items I purchased. I actually had coupons for all but a few of these items and the Cream Cheese was FREE!!!

Oh how I Love Coupons!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Love Walgreens!!!

Ok This is Amazing!! Totals First.......

Cost : $85.63
Saved: $61.50 Walgreens Sale/Coupons: $27.50
Manufacturers Coupons : $24.00
Register Rewards Earned/Used : $10.00
PAID : $24.13 72% Savings!!

2 Olay face wash
2 Olay moisturizer
5 Vicks nasal cold spray
6 Gummy Bears

The Vicks Nasal Cold Spray was the big deal of the day! They are on sale for $6 and receive a $2RR Like paying $4 each.....Then last week there was a coupon for $4/1 so They were all Free!! I Love FREE!! (I did do 5 different transactions. Hang onto the RR and used them to purchase the other items)

Commissary 9-29

I did a huge shopping trip today so I didn't take a picture of everything but here are some highlights.

Here is what I paid for each item.
Powderade - $.41 each Not pictured (Coupon was given at register buy 10 get 5 free)
Milk - $1.03 each (Coupon was save $1.50 on milk when you buy 2 boxes of poptarts)
Betty Crocker Potato's - $.74 each (Coupon was save $.50/2)
Clorox Wipes - $1.49 each (Coupon was save $.50/1 These were Military coupons hanging by the product)
Kandoo Wipes - $1.05 each (Coupon was $1/1)
Hefty Trash bags - $4.49 each (Coupon was Save $.50/1.....This is another Military Coupon that was by the product.....Actually picked it up at the BX and took it to the Commissary where the same box of Trash bags was $2 cheaper.)

My receipt didn't print right......Ran out of tape and I didn't notice until I got home but From what I remember I saved $25 in coupons on my entire bill at the Commissary!!

Successful Trip!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ziploc bags - Walmart

Ziploc sandwich bags were on roll back at my Walmart in Wichita Falls, Texas today. Marked down from $2.67 to $2.00.

Cost: $5.34 before roll back
Roll Back : $1.34
Coupon: $1.25 off two
Paid : $2.75 - $1.38 each
49% Savings

Keep in mind quantity when purchasing sale items like these. I had enough coupons to purchase 10 boxes however, my family would take forever to use up 10 boxes of lunch baggies. On items like this I try to use the 12 week rule. I stock up on what I think we will use in 12 weeks and usually by the time I am getting low there will be another coupon and another good deal on that item. Just a way to keep your monthly out of pocket cost low yet stock up when there is a sale on an item. :-)

Kraft Cheese

Thanks to my wonderful friend Amy in Las Vegas I was able to score amazing deals on some Kraft Products at the Commissary. She had a $5 off 5 Kraft Cheese items coupon that she mailed to me. Link to coupon Here after you print the first hit the back button and it should print a second one.

I love being able to pass on coupons to friends! Make sure you pass on coupons if you aren't going to use them and you think someone you know would.

Cost : $9.08
Coupons : $5.00
Paid : $4.08
55% Savings

Mozzarella Cheese - $.79 each
String Cheese - $1.50
Cream Cheese - $.50 each

I will be heading back for more next week!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Commissary Deals

Found some good deals at the Commissary today.

Total Cost : $6.20
Coupons: $3.30
Paid : $2.90
53% Savings

Shake N Bake was $.90
Cooking Spray was $.75
Rice was $.26 ( I wish I had more than one coupon for these I would have stocked up)
Brownie was $.99 (Never had these before going to try them out)

Pretty good deals I thought. The cooking spray was the only thing on my Must Have list but my stockpile will enjoy the extra items!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Loose Change for Coupons

I have found a new way to pay for my coupons on Sundays! Since we've moved I haven't had a chance to look into having my papers delivered yet. So here is my new method of getting my savings.

We throw all our loose change during the week into a Jar. Typically that was our "We need milk or diapers and payday isn't for two days" Fund. But the last couple of weeks I've been taking that change to the Coin Star at Walmart and using that money to pay for my 5 papers each week. So far it's more than paid for my papers!

So if your looking for a way to pay for your coupons try this out! You'd be surprised how much all that loose change can add up to!

Free Gain Dish Soap!

I picked up 3 of the Gain Dish Soaps.
Used 2 coupons -$1 Gain Dish Liquid (exp 9/30/2010) 8/29/2010 P&G
Paid $.73 including tax on all three.

I got the first 2 for free and used my $.22 overage on the third one!

Cost: $5.37
Manf. Coupons: $2.00
Store Coupon: $2.70
Paid : $.67 + $.06 tax

88% Savings!

I only had two coupons otherwise I would have stocked up even more.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bring on the Coupons!

What a whirlwind these past few months have been. We left Vegas two and a half weeks later than we had originally planned but we made it to Wichita Falls Texas in one piece and I'm so glad I decided to box up and take a good chunk of my stockpile with us in the Truck.

I have an overwhelming need to get back into couponing. Last week I went and purchased my papers at Walmart to start getting my coupon stash back up. I haven't had a chance to check out what deals the local paper may have to get them delivered to me but in the mean time I'll be heading out every Sunday to get those coupons!

In the two and a half months I didn't do Coupons our grocery budget went thru the roof. Because I couldn't stock up when things were on sale it became way more expensive in the long run. I'm ready to get back into it and start saving money.

My challenge will be coupon match ups. In Vegas I had Grocery Smarts to help me out with the match ups and to let me know when it was an ok deal or an amazing stock up deal. I'll try to post what I can. My Shopping options here are The Commissary, Walmart, Market Street (I think that's the name) and Albertsons.

This should prove to be a fun ride!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Commissary Deal - Snyder's Pretzels

Found these deals when I went to the commissary tonight.

Snyders 10oz pretzels are $1.39
Use: Snyders of Hanover Pretzels, any 8 oz or larger $1/1 (8-30-10) SS-5/23
Price: $.39 Each!!

Snyders 10oz Nibblers Pretzels are $1.67
Use: Snyders of Hanover Flavored Pretezel Pieces or Nibblers, any 8 oz or larger $1/1 (8-30-10) SS-5/23
Price: $.67 Each!!


So I posted all my stockpile for sale and within a few minutes it was sold.....So I deleted the post.


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Next Step

Today was a Sad day.....I Canceled my Newspaper subscriptions!! It was a very sad moment for me. But the reality was the coupons I'd be getting in the next two months I wouldn't be able to use so it was better to save the paper and the money and stop them now.

Also, Keep checking in. Sometime in the next two weeks I'm going to be selling a bunch of my stockpile items for cheap. The military won't move certain items and I have more than I would be able to fit into my truck for the move.

I will only be posting it on here!! Payment of Cash Only, and Pick up would be at Nellis/Las Vegas Blvd. At the base. (unless I will be in your area for some reason) Anyway it will be some cleaners, air fresheners, possibly deodorant, shampoo, conditioners, body wash.....

Hope everyone is getting some great deals!! I'm so bummed I'm missing out on some of them!

Monday, May 24, 2010

We're Moving!!!

The Hill Family is Moving!!!

We have been stationed here at Nellis AFB for 4 1/2 years now and had thought we would be here forever. But today my husband received his PCS orders so come September we will be heading out to Sheppard AFB in Witchita Falls TX!!

I'm so excited. However it is going to mean a new challenge for me. Out here in Vegas there are a number of different places I was able to check prices and coupon match ups without having to pick up and read the Sales Ad. In Texas I will have to do all that myself. I'm so up for the Challenge!!!

I will keep posting. I'm too addicted to this Coupon stuff to stop or cut back. However I have to refrain from adding household cleaners to my stock pile as they won't move those for us.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FREE Ketchup!!

I went to Albertsons and picked up a few extra store Ad's.....they have a MFC for $1 off Heinz Ketchup in the Ad.

Then I took those coupons to Walmart where they have the Ketchup on Sale for $1 each!!

I have never found an awesome deal on Heinz Ketchup....Now I have!!

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce - $.50 Each!!

Check this out.....Sweet baby Ray's BBQ Sauce is $1 a bottle at Albertsons thru Tuesday. Today's coupon Insert front page has save $1 on 2....Making them $.50 each!!! Can't beat that price.

I LOVE Sweet Baby Ray's....however last week I stocked up on the Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce that my husband he has forbid me from stocking up on this....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smith's Coupon Deal!! Thru Tuesday

Yay for extra Savings!!

A Side note....The Smiths I went to didn't have the system updated so they had to hand enter all my 55 coupons....took forever but was worth it!!

Cost : $142.71
Savings : $93.22....65% Savings!!
Spent : $49.49

Was worth the trip!! I was able to go without kids....Thanks to my Husband!! So I spent a lot of time going thru my coupon binder and checking prices to see if it was a good deal or not.

Here are a few

Classic Mustard - $.49 each
Cereal - $1.00 each
Dawn Soap - $.49
Honey Mustard - $.69 each
Butter - $.79 each
Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce - $.49 each
No Yolks Noodles - $$.59 each
Softsoap - FREE
Texas Toast Croutons - $.29 each
Wacky Mac Pasta - $.25 each
White Castle Hamburgers - $2.67$.84 each
Danimals - $1.29 each
Garlic Bread - $1.99 each
Paper Towl - $.79
Band aids - One was $.64 and one was $.99

And I have $.15 off per gallon of Gas at the Gas Station!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walgreens 4/29 & CVS

I just realized I mixed orders in this is the breakdown

4 Wipes - $10.oo I used some CVS rewards that I had along with some other items. Not an outstanding deal but we were low on wipes.

Order #1
1 Tone Body Wash $3.99
1 Skintimate Shaving cream $2.99
Paid $7.55
Recieved $6 in RR

Order #2
1 Tone Body Wash $3.99
1 Skintimate Shaving cream $2.99
Paid $7.55
Recieved $6 in RR

Order #3
3 Pull ups $8.99 used 3 - $1.50/1 coupons
2 Aluminum Foil Clearance d for $1.69
2 Walgreens soda's $.79 each
Used the $12 in RR from the first two orders
Paid $17.89

Walgreens total
Cost $62.49
Saved $29.50
Paid $32.99
47% Savings!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's in Your Mail Box??

Look at all the Free Stuff I got today!!

Olay Body Wash
Burt's Bees Natural Toothpaste

I love the travel sized freebies for when we go on trips. It's so easy to just throw these in rather than the big sized bottles.

Walgreens under $2

I LOVE trips like this!!!

Cost : $24.18
Savings : $22.85
OOP : $1.33 SWEETNESS!!!

ok so you may not be as excited as I am but this is fun!! And the M&M's were on sale for $.49 and I needed a few things to get me up over $8 in order to use my RR from a deal I got a few weeks ago.....These are also my "Keep Madison Happy" item that are a must have on days like today when I wanted to hit more than two stores.

If you don't understand how to use the RR please let me know I'd be happy to explain it to you!! Once you get the hang of it you can use it to save you a ton of money OOP.

Smiths - 3/23

I saved $26.40 on this trip.

Powerade for $.49 each
Dressings for $.49 each
Coke for $.89 each
Milk for $2.19 each

Then I went and save $.10 a gallon on Gas!! Can't beat $2.60 a gallon!!

CVS 3/23

Cost : $38.91
Savings : $24.55 63% Savings
Paid : $14.39 I have a $3 ECB to use the next time I go in

Diapers - $8.97 used $2 coupon and got $3 ECB back - Paid 3.97 plus tax per package. I did however find it funny when I got home that one package had 26 diapers and the other had 23....hmmmm

Dawn Hand Soap - two lavender ones were $.71 each and the two Hand Renewal ones were $.46 each after coupons. (These are one of my Brand Loyal I get them when they are under $.75 each)

Colgate - FREE MONEY MAKER!!! $3.99 used $1 off coupon and got a $3.99 ECB!!! Love it!! I didn't need toothpaste but I can give it away!!

The bottle in the middle is actually CVS Brand Shampoo....When I scanned my card today I received a $1/1 any CVS hair product and the shampoo was $.99!! FREE!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is one of my extra storage shelves.

I can't possibly be able to express into words the feeling of being blessed beyond belief when I look at my pantry and how much food is in it. It may not all be the fun foods we love but if needed we could really go a very very long time without having to spend very much on food.

God has really blessed us and I am so grateful that I have been able to use Coupons to make this happen for my family!

Just wanted to share.

Have a wonderful Day!

Target 3/18

I had to get a few more pop

Cost : $46.99
Saved : $36.52
Paid : $10.47 oop

Those are Benadryl sticks....just realized you really can't see what they are in the picture.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pop Tarts for $1.25

Pop Tarts for $1.25 each!!

They are buy 4 for $10 and get a $5 Target Gift Card

You can do multiple sets of this in one transaction. You can not use the gift card on the same purchase but you can roll them.

Let's just say the Hill Pantry is fully stocked with Pop tarts which we have not had in a long time!

Check out the details here

Walgreens 3/16

Not my best trip ever....I had an off day all around and should have stayed home but here is what I got....

Toilet paper - Part of the Goergia-Pacific Rebate (click here for info) After rebate they will be $2.74 for each package (I have a thing about toilet paper......I start getting nervous if I don't have at least two packages of it in my stockpile....One of my things I guess)

Pen's - $.99 each

Organic Chocolate - $.99 (I was curious how it tasted....normally wouldn't pay that much for one chocolate bar)

Excedrin - $3.04....not a good thing...I had read they were part of a BOGO deal and my Walgreens didn't have them ringing up as that....but I needed this item so I got it anyway.

Glade Candles - $1.75....again I thought the coupon was $1.50 off Each...but it was off two. I was a little flustered at the register because there were a lot of people behind me....I purchased them but Should have probably had them taken off since the price wasn't what I had planned on it being.

Tanning lotion - Short story...Checked out the lotions first because they were supposed to print out an $8 RR. Well the RR didn't print.....So a Manager was called and I guess the two that I picked out didn't ring up for the RR Deal.....The Manager rang up two that were printing out the RR and then Let me take the original ones I had picked out!! BTW I LOVE THE WAGS ON CENTENNIAL AND NORTH FIFTH!!!

My Coupon Binder!!!

Ladies I am in LOVE!!!! You think I'm kidding but I truly am practically attached at the hip with my Coupon Binder!!! I don't leave home without it......

Now she is all pretty!! Check it out! I made this today!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Extra Inserts!!!

I got extra inserts in a couple of my papers today. Out of my 5 papers I got 8 inserts!!! They are all the same but what a great surprise that was!!

25 cent List - Hand Soap

Here is a perfect example.....

Check out this deal on Hip2Save.

I don't need hand soap but for $.02 I'm going to pick up a couple when I'm out by Target this week.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My 25 cents list!

I am horrible about keeping a list of what I have in my stockpile.

I've realized this week that I have an over stock of a lot of toiletries and such. I store these upstairs and so I forget I have so many and when there is a 4 or 5 star sale I stock up once again even though I don't need them.

So I've started a 25 cents list....basically I make a list of things I'm over stocked on and if it's not FREE Or less than a quarter than I'm not going to buy it.

This is kind of hard when there are clearly good deals but if I won't get to those items in a 12 week period than it's really a waste of my money. However, if you put together packets for the homeless or something like that then stock up for that purpose but as far as coming out of grocery funds you should never really need more than a 12 week supply of any kind of item.

Another sale will come along!!! Trust me it always does!!

Target 3/11

Cost : $53.01
Saved : $20.00
Spent : $33.01

Pretty good deals when you break it down but I did spend more than I had wanted to at Target.

Oh and I think I went overboard on the deodorant........There is something about a sale on Body Wash, Deoderant, and Shampoo that I can't seem to resist. I am moving those items onto my "Twenty Five Cents List" Basically unless it's free or less than a Quarter I'm not supposed to buy we will see how that goes.

So if you run low on Deodorant please let me know!!! I will sell it to you for what I paid for it. The Suave ones where $.72 each I have way more than I need!!!

Albertsons 3/11

Cost : $94.51
Savings : $69.35 73% Savings
Paid : $25.16

ok seriously who in their right mind would pay $94.51 for that.....My family wouldn't be eating these items if it weren't for coupons!!

CVS 3/11

I haven't been to CVS in a while but here is what the numbers looked like today.

Cost : $55.45
Savings : $37.56
Spent : $17.89 plus $9 in rewards for my next purchase

So I got all this for $8.89....Avg of $.64 per item!!

The Toothbrushes and Nivea were FREE!!!! Yay!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make Friends!!

I'm telling you guys make friends and you will see how much further your couponing can go!!

Make friends with :

The cashiers at the stores you shop,
The Mail delivery person
Neighbors that may not use coupons very often

I left a sticky note inside our mailbox asking if there were ever extra coupons could he leave some for me....and guess what....he left me 5 Red Plum inserts today!!!

Gotta love it!! Get out there make friends and you'll see the extra savings is worth it!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Saving Experiment...

Now that I've been saving for over 6 months with Coupons I want to take my Savings/Couponing to the next level and really make a difference.

I am going to keep my Grocery Budget the same....However whatever amount I save with my Coupons I'm going to set aside and Save in a bank account....or envelope...I haven't decided

So today I Saved $3.50 from my coupons I will put that money away....

I'm going to see how this goes....I am not including the Store Savings in this yet....I have to make sure it's going to work (today I saved a total of $47.80 with store sales, Catalina's, and coupons)

Freezer Meals

This is what I did all afternoon yesterday!! Once a Month Cooking is a life saver in my house!!

I made the following dishes

4 - Italian Shells
2 - Simply Lasagna
2 - Ham and Chicken Roll-Ups....they didn't roll up very well so it's actually
1 - Cheesy Ham and Noodles (was supposed to be 2 but I cut up the ham and kept nibbling at it and didn't quite have enough for two recipe's)
4 - Joes to Go
5 - Chicken Tetrazzini
2 - Tuna Bow Ties
9 - Chili

That is 29 meals in my freezer!! Yay!! I also have the stuff to make three more recipies but my freezer is so full I'm going to try and finish those up this weekend after we eat a few meals.

I love not having to stress about meals. With my Fibro getting worse I need those meals to fall back on when I'm not able to cook.

Fruit Snacks Galore!!!

Go over to Frugal Tips for Vegas Chicks to see how I got Cheap Fruit Snacks!!

I was able to get 15 boxes for $1!! That is $.07 a box!!!

I got 5 more for $1.50 which is $.30 a box. I didn't have any more coupons but got a few extra boxes anyway.

Cost : $59.09 (20 boxes Fruit Snacks and two bags of oranges)
Saved : $47.80 (81% Savings)
Paid : 11.29

The Catalina Deal is buy 5 get a $3.50 catalina for your next purchase. The fruit snacks are $1 each so even without the coupons your getting 5 boxes for $1.50!!

Oh and they are having an 8 hr sale so I got two bags of Oranges for $.99 each!!

After a long day of cooking yesterday I needed some Savings Shopping to get me back on track!

AND......I met some more Coupon ladies at the store!!! I love chatting with coupon friends!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Freezer Meals

Tomorrow I will be doing my Once A Month Cooking!! Going to be filling my freezer with meals!!

My Goal.... 25 + meals....hopefully I can do it all in one day.

Freezer meals has saved our family a lot of money and time! I have been stocking up on key items for my pantry that I use in my Freezer Meal baking days. So today I only spent $130 on the final items I needed to do all my meals.

Here is my Menu for this month :

Broccoli Chicken and Rice
Joes to Go
Simply Lasagna
Tuna Bow Ties
Chicken and Buscuits
Chicken Enchiladas
Ham and Chicken Roll-Ups
Italian Shells
Cheesy Ham and Noodles
Chicken Tetrazzini
Taco Pie

Basically I make double batches of each of these recipe's. Some of them like the Chicken Tetrazzini actually make more than one meal for my family out of one recipe. So that's how I end up getting so many meals. I use the 8x8 tins which helps to get more meals out of one recipe. My family doesn't do left overs very well so doing smaller portions saves us money in the long run because we aren't throwing away food.

Now I have to say if you LOVE to cook or your family really likes home cooked meals and not so much casseroles this once a month cooking may not work for you.

I Love Walgreens!!

Cost : $45.48
Saved : $30.74 68% Savings
Paid : $14.74 And I have $7 in RR so it's like getting all this for $7.74!!!

Purex - FREE
Kleenex - $.33 each (after RR)
Nivia Lip Care - FREE $1.01 Money Maker!!!
Lady Speed Stick - $.24 (after RR)
Tylenol Cold Med's - $.99 each (after RR)

I love being able to provide for my family in a way I've never been able to before!! It's amazing how couponing and having stocked shelves can affect your entire life!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

CVS 3/1

This product is $4.99 and I u sed a $.75/1 coupon with it. And it printed me a $4 Voucher for my next purchase so it ended up really only being $.24!!

Yay adding it to my stockpile!!

I also went there for this deal that was posted here on the Hip2Save website.
Power Bar Energy Gel Blasts $1.50 = $1.50Ecb (Limit 1)
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 1/3 SS
Final Cost FREE + a $1 moneymaker!

However I couldn't find the product at my CVS....I will try another location if I happen to be by one. I'm not low on these so it's not a make it or break it purchase just a good stock up item if the price is right.

Target 3/1

Big Savings at Target today!!

Cost : $46.57
Saved : $26.16 ($22 of which was coupons!!!)
Spent : $20.41

here is some of what I did.....

Gillette Men’s Shower gel $3.34 each
Use the $4/2 coupon from the 2/21PG
Final cost $1.34 each

Old Spice Travel Size Body Wash (1.7 oz) on clearance for $0.67
(this clearance price may vary or may not be available at all)
Use the $3/2 coupon from the 2/21 PG
Purchased 5 for $3.35 and used the $3 coupon making them $.07 each!!

Also...Use the $1/2 coupon from the 2/21 PG
Purchased 2 for $1.34 and used the $1 coupon making them $.17 each

Gillette Fusion MVP Razor $4.99 (these where on an end cap not in the isle)
Use the $4/1 coupon from the 2/7PG
Final cost $0.99!

Hefty One Zip bags $1
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 1/31RP
Final cost $0.50 each!

Dentyne Ice - Clearance for $2.08
use the $1.50/1 coupon from the 2/28 SS
Final Cost $.58 each

Banquet Meals 10/$10 at our Target
Coupled with one coupon....however half the boxes I bought had $6 worth of coupons in them and I can mail in the rebate to get more coupons mailed to me. Check it out over at

Oh and on a separate Check I purchased a new Coupon Bag!!! I'm so excited I will post pictures later!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CVS 2/23

Rumor had it that the Huggies Refill Packages were ringing up 2/$5 along with the tub's that I purchased. I went to check it out.....the CVS I went to was all out of the Refill Packages so I will have to check out another location.

I scanned my card when I got into the store and it printed out a $5 coupon when I spent $15 in the store!!! Score!! (I heard that some people were getting coupons for Huggies could use on this great deal)

So I purchased 5 of the wipes and a drink for Madison and Myself to get me up over $15. Final price was $1.74 per tub of wipes!! Pretty good price I think. I may go to another location on Friday and see if maybe a Huggies coupon will print for me....I can hope can't I. I'm also going to be checking the packages I did buy...sometimes they put coupons in them.

You can never have too many baby wipes on hand!! And if you have too many then share with a friend you may know that could use a little extra help to make it until payday. It always seemed to be that we would be low on diapers, wipes, bread and milk two days before payday on the months we were really tight on funds. When you think about it....$1.74 a tub is not a lot of money but could possible bless someone in more ways than you know!! Keep a look out for ways you can use your savings to bless others!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Target 2/19

Today was Workshop Day for Austin's home program so that meant I needed to get out of the house to clear my head after everyone left. So a trip to Target seemed to be a great fit. I had a few coupons I wanted to use and a few prices I wanted to compare.

Cost : $31.09
Saved : $18.53 (60% savings)
Spent : $12.56

Pies for $.34 each
Excedrin for $.54 each
Lotion's for $2.12 each
Gillette deodorant and body wash were $2.12 for both of them
The cake holder was on clearance with the Valentines stuff so I snatched that up for under $2

My goal this month was to work on getting my stock pile up and I seem to have done a lot of that this month.

Next month I will be focusing more on my Food stock pile and it's back to doing Once A Month cooking and stocking up my freezer. This cooking dinner every night has killed our budget and my desire to make good meals for my family. My Fibro flares up mid afternoon so my motivation to cook is mostly non existent by the time dinner rolls around.

I'm about out of Grocery money for this month so I most likely won't post much until the 1st of March. Trying to stick to our budget and get our savings where it should be.

Walgreens - 2/18

Cost : $88.45
Saved : $61.62 (70% Savings)
Spent : $26.83 and I still have one $10 RR to use for next time.

Sorry there isn't a picture...Here is what I got.

6 boxes Nyquil $.50 each
2 boxes Dayquil $.50 each
4 gallon Milk
1 Walgreens night time pull ups
12 Valentines kids cups (were supposed to be 50% off....didn't ring up that way..ugh)
1 - 3 musketeers truffle candy (my last order I needed another item so I could use a RR)

I used a bunch of RR on these orders since they were due to expire next week. We needed milk so even though the price per gallon was higher than I like to pay I was able to use my RR to get them so it was no money out of my pocket and it meant one stop last night and not two....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walgreens 2/16

This is the Deal I went in to get....From (note she is on the east coast so some of the match ups with the coupons don't always match up for me in Vegas)

Buy $20 of Vicks Nyquil or Dayquil 10 or 20 count or liquid 10 oz., Vapopads 5 or 6 pack, VapoSyrup 10 oz., or Formula 44 6 oz. = $10RR; Buy $15 = $5RR

Deal Scenario:
Buy 4 Vicks Nyquil or Dayquil $5 each
Buy 2 Puffs Tissue
Use 4 $2/1 Vicks coupons from the 1/17 PG
Use 2 Buy 2 Vicks products and Get 1 Free Puffs coupons from the 2/7 PG
Pay $12
Get back a $10RR
Final Cost– $2 total for all 6 items!!

I only had one of the Vicks coupons and the one that Vegas got was for $1.50 not $2.....I also only had one of the coupons for the free puffs.

I stacked up my register rewards from last week and got all of the above for $7.26 out of pocket and then got the $10 Register Reward to use at another time.

It is hard to find the Nyquil on sale for this low of a price. Even without coupons with the Register Rewards they end up being only $2.50 a box!!

Walmart 2/16

Cost : $17.24
Saved : $7.50
Spent : $9.74

Not overly great deals but I had a few coupons I wanted to use and Walmart had the best prices on them.

Got the Right Guard's for under $1 each!! Anytime I can get deodorant for under a dollar I try to stock up. There will always be a need for that!!

Target 2/16

This was the first time I've done the Target Gift Card thing....whatever it's called....Anyway if you purchase 5 of the Keebler cookies you get a $5 gift card from Target to use on your next purchase.....they were only $1.54 so that made them $.54 after the giftcard

TIP : I did the gift card transaction first and then used the $5 gift card on the second order with all the other items you see.

Cost : $33.66
Saved : $19.86
Paid : $13.80
60% Savings

Cookies - $.54 each
Glade Plug Ins - $.16 each
Shaving Cream - $.44
Hefty Baggies - $.50 each for two of them (had a save $1 on 2 coupon) .... $.85 each for the other two.

The Hefty bags are on sale for $1 and they have a save $.15 peely coupon on the front of them.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love Walgreens!!

Cost : $62.58
Saved : $34.80
Spent : Out of Pocket...$27.78.....I have $18.50 in Register Rewards from this trip so it's like I only spent $9.28!!! (the diapers alone were $8.99 before coupons)

Other than the Candy and Gum these were all things I wanted to add to my stockpile. I hate running out of razors or bath soap and having to pay full price for when the deals are this good I stock up with whatever coupons I can and as much as my budget will allow.
(It is very important that I have non-fruit or flower smelling body soap available at all times!! Otherwise I get a lecture from my husband! lol

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Commissary Match Ups for 2/11 -2/24/10

Humectant Shampoo
or MenTM 2 in 1
Shampoo and Conditioner
14.5 oz.

use : Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner, any $1/2 (3-4-10) RP-1/3(JCPenny)
Price : $.89 each

COLGATE® $1.59
Fluoride Toothpaste
Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening,
Sparkling White Mint Zing or
Cavity Protection, 6.4 oz.

use : Colgate Total, Coglate Max White, Colgate Max Fresh, Colgate Sensitive or Colgate Kids Toothpaste, any 4.0oz or larger .50/1 (2-20-10) SS-1/31
Price : $1.09

Moisturizing Aloe
7.5 oz.

use : Softsoap Brand Liquid Hand Soap, any .35/1 (2-20-10) SS-1/31
Price : $.44 each

SOFTSOAP® Body Wash $2.59
Pomegranate & Mango
or Shea Butter, 18 oz.

use : Softsoap Body Wash, any .75/1 (2-20-10) SS-1/31
Price : $1.84 each

Body Wash
Original or Aloe, 18 oz.

use : Irish Spring Body Wash (excludes 2.5 oz size) or Multi-Bar Pack Soap Packs, any 3-pack or larger .50/1 (wash) or .50/2 (bars) (2-20-10) SS-1/31
Price : as low as $2.29 each

Light Soup
Vegetable and Pasta,
Southwestern-Style Vegetable or
Italian-Style Vegetable, 15.3 oz.

use : Campbell's Select Harvest Soups, any .50/2 (4-30-10) SS-2/7
or - Campbell's Select Harvest, any can or bowl .50/2 (2-15-10) SS(DirectTV)-1/3
Price : $1.04 each

CAMPBELL’S® Condensed Soup $.55
Chicken Noodle or Tomato, 10.75 oz.

use : Campbell's Condensed Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soups, any .40/4 (2-15-10) SS-12/13
or - Campbell's Condensed Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soups, any .40/4 (3-15-10) SS(DirectTV)-1/3
Price : $.45 each

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I went to Walgreen's to hopefully score some awesome deals and I sure did!! I have to psych myself up for Walgreen's on trips like this. I did multiple transactions to get amazing savings. (BTW the cashier I had at the Centennial and North 5th store was AWESOME!!! I asked her for her schedule so I can go back when she is there)

ok Bottom Line....

Cost : $104.88
Savings : $72.31 70% Savings
Spent : $32.57.....I also have $4 in Register Rewards for my next visit.

The pull ups alone at full price would have cost me well over $35.....This was a great trip and well worth the time it took me to get such great savings.

The candies I used as filler in order to roll some of the Register Rewards. Walgreen's system has to have an item to attache every coupon/RR to.....So with the pull ups I used a coupon but couldn't use a RR from a different purchase because it already had the coupon attached to it....So I added the really cheap candy to add items so I could use the RR. Bonus was the chocolate I added also gave an extra RR!!!


Today was the last day for the Big Game sale that Smith's had going on. So I went to take advantage of it one more time.

This picture is kind of hard to see everything but here are the totals!

Cost : $158.28
Savings : $94.66 !!!! 60% savings
Spent : $63.62

The only items that weren't part of the Big Game sale was the Oreo's....which I had coupons to get those for free....and the Candy. (however, the candy was on sale but just not part of the big sale.)

I love having a stocked pantry!!! Anything that comes my way I can handle!! Surprise visitors....I've got snacks....Last minute BBQ....I've got Chips..... I've never had the opportunity to have my pantry this stocked and I feel very blessed to be able to have so much stockpile!!