Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giving Back to Others

I love this Thanksgiving / Christmas time of year!! Being able to give to others seems to be the focus of this time of year. As I try to give to others year round I have noticed a change this year in my own life.

God has blessed me in so many ways with Grocery Smarts and one of those ways is I am able to donate more this season.

There is a Military Family on our base that had a house fire this week. Typically when things like this come up my family doesn't have the money or extra food to donate because we were living so pay check to pay check that there wasn't room to do what in my heart I wanted to help other families. Not this year!!! I'm going to be able to go to my pantry and collect a few bags of food for this family in need and still have more than enough food for my family!!

God's blessing keep coming and sometimes he blesses me and my family by allowing us to be able to bless others!!

Have a blessed week and take a few moments to bless someone in your life this week!!