Friday, January 22, 2010

Albertsons - Fruit Snacks

ok so first I want to clarify.....We only buy fruit snacks if they are on sale or a good deal and I use them for after school snacks and I usually keep a few in my purse for emergency need to keep the kids quiet kind of a thing.... So no nasty notes about my kids having all this sugar!! lol

Cost : $34.35
Saved : $29.55 ($26.05 coupons, store coupons, catalina's + $3.50 catalina for my next trip)
Spent : $4.80

That is $.32 per box....can't beat that price for extra snacks!!

All my coupon Match Ups were from
The Albertson's special was buy 4 get $3 instant savings and if you purchase 5 in one transaction it prints a $3.50 Catalina for your next purchase. I rolled the Catalina's and did 3 transactions to get this great deal.

I also want to note that all these boxes are part of the Box Tops for Schools so that will be $1.50 for the kid's school!! I have turned in so many of these to the schools. Every little bit helps.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working the Register Rewards at Walgreens

Here is a time that the Register Rewards really made my day!!

I like to make my RR work for me when I need them the most!! I only needed zip lock put all the Chili in that I made today....I took the extra time and went to Walgreens.

The Chips were buy $20 worth and get a $10 RR. So I rang those up first....used the $20 worth of RR I had from earlier this month to pay for them... ZERO Balance on that transaction.

I got the bags for $.99 each, the Wipes for buy one get one 50% off, and the Snapple's were $.50 on clearance......I used the $10 RR I got from the first order for buying all the chips....PAID $.40

So I got everything in that picture for $.40!!

Cost : $43.57
Savings : $43.17
PAID : $.40

Love it!! And yes my husband still thinks I'm crazy!!

(the second receipt is a little messed up....I had picked up some Bullfrog sunscreen that was on clearance that had a coupon attached to it that would have made them $1 each....didn't realize the coupon had expired....So she had to take them all off)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Walgreens - Again

I made another trip to Walgreens and am thinking about going back later tonight for a few more deals. I was short on time when I was there earlier....

Anyway I got $46.86 worth of products for only $14.36 - and have $10 in RR so I essentially got it for $4.36!!

I didn't take a picture but here is what I got
3 - Triaminic kids medication
1 - Triaminic kids strips medication
2 - Clean & Clear Face Wash
2 - Walgreens wipes

Pretty good for only $4 - Averaged out it's about $.50 per item!!! Yay!!

By the way my husband thinks I'm totally nuts!! He's not as excited about this savings as I am

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This trip turned out good. They actually had everything I wanted. My numbers were a little off because I couldn't roll the RR like I had originally planned to.

I did two transactions.

1 - Quaker Oats
2 - Triaminic kids strips
3 - Gloves
2 - Scrubbing Bubbles
1 - Thermacare

Cost : $31.71
Savings : $29.06 (i used $9 in Register Rewards from my last trip)
Paid : $2.65 - I also got a $5 and $2.50 RR for next purchase.

2 - Scrubbing Bubbles
2 - Triaminic Kids Strips
2 - Brownies
1 - Thermacare

Cost : $29.45
Savings : $18.34
Paid : $11.11 - I also got a $5 and $2.50 RR for next purchase

The $5 RR was from the Triaminic they are buy 2 for $10 get a $5 RR
The $2.50 RR was from the Thermacare - buy one for $2.49 and get a $2.50 RR so it's FREE!!

Combined order today
Cost : $61.16
Savings : $47.40 78% savings
Paid : $13.76 - with $15 RR for next purchase so I made $1.24 off this trip!!


Had to use up my Electasol coupons up.

Walmart had these double box packs for $3.87 and the coupon was for $2.50/1 so I got each box for $1.37 Pretty good I'd say that is a huge savings and these should last me at least 6 months!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday Wrapping Paper

For the Las Vegas readers....I was at the Toys R Us on North 5th and 215 and they had 90% off their holiday items. There wasn't much there but there was a ton of Wrapping paper.

I got 6 rolls of Christmas paper for $2.60

So if you want to stock up I'd check them out. They had some cool stuff left too.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Commissary Deals Jan 7 - Jan 20

Here are a few match ups. Not all of them are great deals just matched up what I could find.

Campbell's Condensed soup Chicken Noodle or Tomato 2/$1.00
Multiple coupons available.
$.40/4 SS-12/13 - $.40 each
$.40/2 SS-12/13 - $.30 each
$.40/4 SS-1/3 - $.40 each
$.40/2 SS-1/3 - $.30 each
Price : $.30 - $.40 each

Pain Reliever / Pain Reliever Aid
100 gel tabs
Coupons $1.50/1 SS-1/3 -

Price $5.09 each

Bounce Fabric softener $2.99
Fragrance Free, Outdoor Fresh,
Fresh Linen or Spring Fresh, 120 ct.
or Dryer Bar Fabric Softener Bar
Fresh Linen or Outdoor Fresh
1 dryer bar & 1 holder

Coupons $.50/1 PG 12/27 -
Price $2.49 each
Coupons $1.50/1 PG 12/27 -
Price $1.49

Smooth, Volume, Full & Thick,
2n1 Full & Thick, Clarifying,
Beautiful Lengths, 2n1 Classic Care,
Classic Care, Curls, Moisture Renewal,
Color Revival or 2n1 Anti-Dandruff or
Shampoo Intensive Moisturizing or
Anti-Dandruff, 12.6 oz.
Coupon: $3/2 PG 12/27
Price : $1.49 each

Walgreens Deal


My best trip ever at Walgreens. I'm not a lover of Walgreens but it is kind of growing on me a little bit. It is helping me work on my patients for sure.

Anyway here are the numbers.

I spent out of pocket $4.73 out of pocket on all these items...HOWEVER....I got $9 worth of register rewards to use next time I basically they paid me $4.27 for these items.

So very cool!! The major bonus was I got a $5 RR for the candles that I didn't know I was getting so here I thought I did good and turns out It was a bonus day for me!

Walgreens is a tricky store to coupon at but once you figure out the tricks it's not so bad. However once you get the swing of it you can get some good deals.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

I can't wait to see what kind of savings I can get this year.

I'll keep posting my great finds! However I'm not going to be taking to the extra time to total up my monthly savings. It was taking me too much time to do all that and as I'm staying under my budget every month and still have a ton of food I know I'm doing great!

And yes....for those of you that know me....that means one less Spreadsheet that I have going. Sad moment I know but the craziness of life with three kids is making me very busy!!

Hope everyone had a great new year!