Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Smith's and Albertson's in one Day!

I don't have pictures but I had to drop into both Smith's and Albertson's for a few deals before we leave on our trip.

Cost : $24.65
Saved : $12.60
Spent : $12.05 51% savings

4 boxes swiss ms hot chocolate
2 boxes fruit snacks
6 2lts of Pepsi
1 box pop tarts
(all things that will be going on our trip with us...well maybe not all of it...)

Cost : $19.95
Saved : $15.00
Spent : $4.95 75% savings

5 boxes of Tyson Chicken appetizers - 3 wings and 2 chicken fries
(these will be easy dinner tonight or tomorrow before we leave)

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!! I will be back to couponing hard core in January. I am however taking my coupons with me in case I can find some good deals while I'm in Michigan!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Today's Savings!!


Cost $44.89
Saved $24.54
Spent $20.35

The cupcakes, buddy bars, and baby food were all FREE!!!

Today's Savings!!


Cost $78.80
Saved $57.67
Spent $21.13 plus I have $2 in rewards to use on my next trip