Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A New Me!

With the ending of another year we find ourselves looking back at the good and the bad things of the past year. I tend to think of all the good things first but the bad does creep in once in awhile.

One of my biggest accomplishments of 2011 has been my desire to just be Me and be a healthier me! I had reached the highest weight I've ever been - not pregnant. And the above before picture was what really sent me into Must make a change mood. I didn't realize that's how I really looked.

So the Journey began! Started with eating right and working out! 5 days a week at the gym and for 6 weeks I had no change in the number on the scale. Totally discouraged I figured I was doing something wrong or there was something wrong with me. So off to the doctor I went. Nothing in my blood work showed a reason for me to not be loosing weight so I was told to either do Weight Watchers or go to the Weight Loss Clinic. I chose Weight Watchers. Joined and started adding a Spin Class to my routine.

Never was any of this fun but very quickly I noticed I actually felt better all around.

After 3 months on Weight Watchers I had the system down and was doing great. Then it happened.....Yes the dreaded Plateau.....a two month plateau and I was doing everything by the book! How frustrating was that. But I kept focusing on the fact that I wasn't gaining either so I hung onto that.

In September I took a leap of faith and became an Independent Distributor for It Works! Global Marketing! This company has changed my life in so many ways! I was able to continue my healthy eating habits from Weight Watchers and start taking some all natural supplements to come along side my efforts and help me get over that weight loss hump I was in. (more information on It Works to come at a later date)

As of today I've lost 24 lbs since May and feel the healthiest I have in years!

I'll be sharing more details later but wanted to get back into the blog and start changing it over to a more overall blog rather than just Couponing. Don't worry the Couponing is going to be coming back in full force after our Move in January!

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